I’m a recovering ice cream addict.  A one-time gifted napper.  A lover of bad jokes.  I prefer my puns intended. I’m a firm believer that good shoes can change your life (just look at Cinderella). As a full-time working mother, I only drink coffee on days ending with the letter “y”.  Also, I am excellent at colour coding.

Oh, I’m a recent survivor of post-natal depression.  In fact, it nearly killed me.

But overall, I think the best of me is yet to come.  I am only part of the way through my gelato reconnaissance. Just kidding.  I’m actually now an expert.


Barmy: adjective; meaning ‘mad’ or ‘crazy’      
Butterfly: just when the caterpillar thought the world was ending, it turned into a butterfly                        

I always worried depression would change me forever. That it would define me. That I’d never be who I once was. But I’m beginning to realise that perhaps that’s a good thing.  Perhaps now I am a better, stronger and freer version of my old self. And who wants to be a caterpillar anyway – my shoe addiction nearly breaks the bank as it is and that’s with just 2 feet to dress.

So this is one Barmy Butterfly’s journey so far.  I’m not there yet. Each day I need to remember to open my wings. But if I can break out of the cocoon, anyone can. There is hope. For the first time in a long while I genuinely want to see what tomorrow holds. So, come on. Come fly with me as I wing and wonder through life’s extraordinary wobbles.